A Manager’s Guide to Marketing Crypto

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano; cryptocurrencies have made their mark on the investment industry, and even alternative funds have struck a fancy with them. According to Autonomous Next, there are now more than 120 hedge funds dedicated to trading cryptos, amounting to a total of over $2BB of assets under management (as per Cheng, 2017). If you are an alternative fund manager jumping on the crypto wagon, there are some special considerations you should take into account about how you are marketing your funds.

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A Little Marketing Secret That Every Alternative Fund Needs to Know

Here is a secret that most of the alternative fund marketing community fails to grasp: above all, content is king. The aesthetics of a presentation matter, but it has to say something meaningful as well. Marketing that falls into the category of “looks great but doesn’t do a thing for my income statement” is an unwise use of your valuable resources. Here is what your content strategy should do in order to be effective.

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Investors’ Five Pet Peeves about Alternative Fund Tear Sheets

The tear sheet, a one or two-page summary of an alternative fund’s performance history, is the first real impression that a hedge or private equity fund makes on an investor. All too often, though, tear sheets are created improperly and generate a poor representation of the fund company. As we have said in other newsletters, you have got to look the part when you cater to HNW individuals. Here are five tear sheet faux pahs that will knock you out of consideration right out of the gate. We have also interviewed a professional alternative fund marketer for his take on what he has seen the top sellers do right with their alternative fund tear sheets.

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Are Your Brand Guidelines a Hot Mess?

It goes without saying that a brand is a driver of commercial success, especially for hedge funds and private equity funds looking to make a name for themselves. What makes a brand great, and alternatively what keeps you looking average? The brand guidelines are the foundation. Here is what you should be paying attention to.

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Five Hedge Fund Pitch Book Tips That Make You Look the Part

Congratulations! You have started a hedge fund and done the hard work to put together that first investor presentation. Closing the deal is as much a matter of branding and image as it is track record. Hedge funds and private equity funds of all types, from the newly launched to the established fund, have to look the part in order to be taken seriously by high net worth and institutional investors. Here are five essential hedge fund and private equity pitch book tips that professional caliber brands should follow, and why they make a difference in capital raising results.

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